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TERRIER, a captivating folk duo, was born from the unique confluence of Ben Morrison of The Brothers Comatose and Erika Tietjen of T Sisters. Partners in life and on stage, their musical journey together began during the challenging days of the pandemic, a time when creativity and resilience were needed most.

As destiny would have it, Erika was pregnant with their first child when the idea of TERRIER took root. The pair's harmonious collaboration emerged in the midst of anticipation and transformation, weaving the joy of new life into the very fabric of their music. Together, Ben and Erika create a sound that's both intimate and enchanting, a testament to the strength of their partnership, but they also create a fun and light space to laugh about their very relatable challenges as spouses and parents.

TERRIER's songs reflect the universal themes of love, family, and the human experience. Their lyrics, infused with the wisdom of life's changes, resonate with audiences as they share their journey of becoming parents and making music that carries the warmth of family bonds.

With their voices in harmony, TERRIER brings an authentic, heartfelt experience to every stage they grace. Their sound and dynamic harken to great duos of the past like Johnny Cash and June Carter and John Prine and Iris Dement, with a contemporary spin of their own. TERRIER’s music is not just a performance but a celebration of love and the creative spirit that thrives even in the most challenging times. As they continue their musical and life journey, TERRIER is set to inspire and connect with audiences, inviting them to share in the beauty of their story through music. 



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